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Based in Johnson City Tennessee, Bee Hive Records' main focus is to produce and record performances by contemporary Appalachian regional artists while preserving the long standing traditions of American roots music. 


Bee Hive Records was started by Susan and Jim Neumann in 1977. From '77 until '85 they released a total of 17 albums in the bebop jazz genre. In 2015 the brand was taken over by their grandson, Jamie (CJ) Garskof. Bee Hive Records has since been retooled to specialize in bluegrass, old time, classic country and other american roots genres.


Bee Hive's first recording since 1985 is a progressive bluegrass album by, guitarist, Jeff Ingersoll. His debut album, Peering Through The Bars, is set to release this winter. Check out the "record shop" to download the single, Roundabout. 

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